Mano Paul votes for “YOLO” as the worst word of 2012. The poll actually calls for “banishment”, which flips on the boo light for censorship, but in the principle of charity we’ll just assume Mano thinks YOLO is bad and we should feel bad for thinking it.

Aesthetically, I agree, but mostly because my only impression of people who use it comes from Fail Blog : Ugliest Tattoos.

Mano claims that YOLO is Biblically incorrect, yet his quotes (including John 11:25 and John 3:16) in support of his argument only seem to undermine his point. Jesus actually tells us we can live forever! It’s hard to imagine how this refutes the idea that we only live once. This idea of everlasting life seems to be a central tenet of Christianity, judging how often we see posters with the John passage outside of churches.

Let’s extend further charity and assume Mano is taking a philosophical stand on the afterlife. No serious person could doubt that humans experience something that we call death. The debate is about whether what we experience as consciousness lives on despite all evidence to the contrary. Does Mano have any serious thoughts to contribute to this argument other than a couple of sentences from a dusty book of myths? The Hindus have their books of myths, too, equally dusty; on what grounds does he dismiss YOLOAOUYETCOR (You Only Live Over And Over Until You Escape The Cycle of Reincarnation)? Not enough ink for the tattoo?

It may not even be true that we all want to live forever, if we think about it, though I tend to subscribe to the Fun Theory of the Universe. However, very few of us not suffering from serious depression are likely to say “yes”, if they’re asked if they want to die. It’s a nice thought to believe in an afterlife. But just because we wish to live forever, that doesn’t make it so.

There is a very silly argument that we should believe in Jesus just in case Christianity is true, because the risk is too great if we’re otherwise wrong. Mano should know a few things about risk management. It’s hard to know if that would make him more likely to accept the argument, or less, but hopefully he has at least considered the case that this life here on earth is the only one we get, and it DOES end when our bodies die. It would be very sad indeed for him to waste so much of his and his family’s life in worship of a false ideal, if this is our only turn on the merry-go-round.



2 thoughts on “Marco…YOLO

  1. Lightning Strikes (@lovestrikes777) January 7, 2013 at 6:43 am Reply

    Dear Brother,

    Your post begs me the question, of the heart behind the purpose of this effort.

    May I recommend:-

    We are really special and God does care for everyone. The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,”

    I will pray for you.

  2. emptyoysters January 12, 2013 at 12:57 am Reply

    Cousin Strikes, I can hardly imagine how I could be any plainer in my purpose of this effort. I believe it is clear in my “About” page and in every single post that I challenge Mano Paul and his fellow Christians to an honest, truthful discussion about the nature of the world which accounts for more evidence than a collection of stories arbitrarily selected thousands of years ago as the guiding principles of an institution which has grown its power and used it to commit evil ever since.

    You may certainly recommend the anecdote of a deluded meningitis victim published by a newsmagazine struggling to retain relevance, if I may similarly direct you to analysis of the story by an ACTUAL neuroscientist:

    If the “truth” of heaven can be revealed by hallucinatory experiences not unlike those resulting from LSD, that hardly strikes me a strong point of evidence in heaven’s favor.

    If you are going to pray for me, may I suggest a specific prayer? If your god answers you, ask him to tell you what argument it would take to convince me that I am mistaken in my disbelief. If He can create the entire universe, surely this small challenge is not beyond His capabilities.

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