Offense, Defense

Mano Paul admits that his proselytizing evokes a negative reaction in his coworkers. In principle, I agree with his argument that “if the truth offends, then let it offend.” In practice, however, there is a time and a place for the “truth”. On her deathbed, this is not the time to tell a believer her faith in the afterlife is unfounded. At work, there are rarely times when it is appropriate to discuss religion. As a representative of US government entities, no way not ever. Even when appropriate, Christians rarely actually engage in a two-way discussion instead of a one-way browbeating sermon. When the Christian majority goes on offense, religious minorities rarely have any choice but to go on defense.

Hypocritically, when non-believers push back on this aggressive behavior, Christians claim that they are the ones under attack. They don’t often find themselves in the ring with those who voice legitimate disagreements, and can’t apparently understand the feeling of religious oppression they cause in the non-believers around them. Unfortunately, they can only interpret legitimate disagreement as attack, and only rarely do they ever attempt to engage “those who reject the Gospel” about the actual truth.

If Mano honestly believes he is called to convey the message of Jesus and reach out to others, he should pay more attention when his tactics are pushing away the people he intends to convert. If Mano honestly believes that his ministry has the truth, he should have no trouble engaging non-believers to show us why we are wrong. I promise I won’t be offended.


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