You Bet Your Life

Mano Paul doubles down on the afterlife. As in his previous post, Mano is so convinced of the existence of the afterlife that he is willing to bet not only his, but his family’s current lives on it. What’s the harm?

There are no doubt benefits to religious affiliation. A strong community, sense of purpose, and feeling of being part of something greater – these are all innate human desires. But satisfying these desires with religion comes at a cost of dangerous irrationality, alienation, and bigotry, not to mention the lost time spent worshipping a nonexistent deity and suffering unnecessarily by avoiding happiness in this life for some greater reward in an exceedingly unlikely afterlife.

Suppose the Bible claimed the faithful could fly – how many dead Christians would have been enough evidence for surviving believers to quickly claim that it was yet another part of the book that is “metaphorical” and not literally true? That we have no way to test if there really is an afterlife is the only reason Christians still believe this part of the Bible is still literally true.

Suppose there is an afterlife? What testable claims would such a proposition have?



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